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21 years of service in the SC Midlands...and counting!

In 2002, Britt Hunt a native of Columbia, SC and Alejandro García Lemos moved to South Carolina with the intention of opening a business based on their mutual expertise and Master’s Degrees in Latin American and Caribbean Studies obtained from Florida International University in Miami. They understood upcoming issues related to Latin America as well as the need for Spanish and English translation and interpreting services. 


Comunicar, LLC started by offering consulting services in the area regarding regional imports and exports as well as consultations on cultural and language issues; however, they quickly recognized the need to focus on services related to the Spanish language, such as translation, interpretation, and transcriptions as well as language classes.


During the first two years, Comunicar also offered publication services in Spanish, as part of its translation services, publishing a few books in association with the Latin American and Caribbean Center (LACC) in Miami, Florida. Click here for some samples of these publications.


By 2004, Comunicar was a well-established company in South Carolina, raising the bar in the areas of interpretation and translation. Since then, we have offered jobs to hundreds of interpreters and provided millions of hours of interpreting with a focus on the Midlands region. 

Also, in 2004 we started our partnership with Palmetto Health Richland, which later transformed into providing face-to-face interpretation for three different hospitals in the Midlands—Palmetto Health Baptist, Richland and Parkridge—turning our company into the largest private provider of interpreting services in the state of South Carolina. 


In 2017, we celebrated our 15th anniversary hosting a large party with our 20 employees at the time. We also have prided ourselves on offering full and part-time work to our interpreters, an anomaly in an industry that is mostly composed of agencies.


During the past 21 years, Comunicar has also demonstrated its support for the communities we serve through donations as well as with continuous support to Palmetto LUNA Arts, a non-for-profit organization fostering Latino arts and culture in South Carolina. Comunicar’s founders are two of the founding members of the now 16 year-old organization.

For more information on Palmetto Luna Arts, please visit:

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