Celebrating 20 Years of Service

Our Team

Britt Hunt, MA, CCI, CHI

Britt Hunt, founding partner of Comunicar received his B.A. in Spanish and International Trade from Clemson University and a Masters in Latin American and Caribbean Studies from Florida International University (Miami).  Britt is a Certified state Court Interpreter and Certified Health Care Interpreter and has been interpreting for over 15 years.  He lived for several years in Ecuador and Colombia and has traveled extensively in Latin America.

Alejandro García Lemos, MA, CCI, CHI


Alejandro is one of the founding partners at Comunicar LLC since the company started in 2002. He has a BA from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia in Bogotá and an MA from Florida International University in Miami. He is a state certified judicial and healthcare interpreter. He also attended the prestigious (CITI) Court Interpreter Training Institute and already passed the Level I for Federal Judicial Interpreting.

Kyle Criminger, CCI​, CHI


Kyle Criminger graduated with a B.A. from the University of South Carolina in 2001 and then studied Spanish in Central and South America.  He obtained a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate from the Boston Language Institute in 2004 and taught EFL classes in Ecuador for 3 years.  A staff interpreter for Comunicar since February 2008, he has been a state certified judicial interpreter since 2017 and a certified healthcare interpreter since 2012.

Deborah Denizard
Andrés Arroyave, MA.

Andrés Arroyave was born in Tulsa, OK to Colombian parents. He currently resides in Columbia, SC. He attends the University of South Carolina and is pursuing a Doctoral degree in Spanish with a focus in 21st-century Latin American crime fiction. Andrés earned his BA in History with a minor in Latin American Studies (2009) and his MA in Spanish (2015).  He has been interpreting for Comunicar since January 2007.

Alfonso Franco, MA.


Alfonso Franco hails from the state of Texas. He received his undergraduate degree from Graceland University and his graduate degrees from Texas A&M University and The University of South Carolina.  He is currently a full-time employee as a Clinic Social Worker at Palmetto Health USC Medical Group Immunology Center.  He has been interpreting at Comunicar for 9 years and enjoys being able to help the Hispanic community better communicate with their medical providers. 

Efraín Guzman


Efraín Guzman is a Spanish speaker who grew up in Mexico until the age of 8 and has lived in the United States since. He has worked for the Department of Social Services in providing over-the-phone interpretation, as well as translating written documents. He has received an Advanced Level Certification from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). He received an Associate of Arts degree from Midlands Technical College before continuing his studies at the University of South Carolina. He graduated from the university with a major in Geography. Efrain is currently a staff interpreter with Comunicar.